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Have you ever wanted to subject yourself to the entire artistic oeuvre of one Mr. Steven Frederic Seagal? No. Of course you haven't. That's why we're doing it for you. Really it's just an excuse for 3 friends to hang out and ramble about how hilariously bad these movies are. Enjoy.
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Download Aaron's Babylon Essay

Aaron wrote a fantastic paper on the 2022 film, Babylon. You should read it.

The Plexburgh Trial of Episode 37

While you didn't hear it in the episode itself, we spent an hour and ten minutes talking about NOT the awful movie we had watched that week. This is a selection of that recording that we thought was extremely funny.


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Disclaimer: We do not endorse Steven Seagal nor any of the heinous acts of which he is accused. We do not wish to boost his career, finances, or ego; we just aim to talk about his many very, very bad movies.

We're watching them all so no one else ever has to.
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I literally build websites for a living, but this vibe matches the podcast so this is what you get lol